Saturday, December 13, 2008

In the Morning

I'm going to try to do this song-linking thing to relate to each post.

I would pay $300 for the single-breasted blazer that one guy is rocking in the Godard flick.

This took longer than I expected to start up again, and finals time ain't the best time. But I don't want to write comparative Threat Assessments for fly-by-night terrorist organizations, I want to write about how wonderfully insane the world is.

So this will just be an introduction.

Why Gazistan?

Because synonyms in foreign languages are just too fun. So let's break this one down: "-stan" is Persian for "place of". Carpetblog did the wikiing so I don't have to.

As for "Gazi"? Well, a Gazi warrior is someone who fights for the faith. The faith in this case being Islam. But in general, the difference between a Gazi and a Jihadi is that a "Jihad" is all about the struggle, and a Gazi is all about the violence. Jihad has nothing to do with violence, and I don't understand the tenets of Islam enough to act like I know what I'm talking about, but it seems to be more about the Manichean struggle of doing good in this world. A Ghazi fights for his religion because its his religion, and right and wrong have nothing to do with it. Its a notable distinction.

"Gaz" is also the Turkish word for "Gas". As in Natural Gas, as in energy, as in all of that good stuff. So if you haven't put 2 and 2 together yet, this blog is all about the Land of the Gazis and the Gas. The people who go for blind power grabs and the power they try to grab.

Who is AJK?

Your guide for this blog will be one Aslan Juhayman Khan. That would be Turkish/Arabic/Turkic for Lion Scowler King. The "AJK" version rolls off the tongue a lot smoother, no? I'm just another kid who wants to make a life out of doing what he loves. What I love, in this case, is the more absurd locations the Earth has to offer and the reasons why we should care about them. Because we're all living on the same power grid, and the fuel is running out. Hopefully someone will see this blog and decide that I can write well enough to talk about the stupider places to visit. So they'll pay me to visit them. And people will then be foolish enough to call me an expert.

Barring this, I'll go to law school.

Concluding Thoughts

Insh'Allah, I'll keep this updated and it'll be an interesting read. Failing that, it's a vanity project that Mr. Garamond would be proud of.

Because in the end, it's all one vanity project, ain't it?