Thursday, November 5, 2009

Had a bundle of struggle from birth to my present day

No comp, we paint a darker picture, in your sector,
Perfect verbal architecture, sparking lectures
Lyrics infectious, ____ your Lexus
If you ain't giving God your praise then it's useless

Le Francais over at Ink Spots usually have some good insights on things I know nothing about. This time, I actually know something about. Gulliver is talking about how an alarmist!!! report says that 75% of Americans 18-24 are unfit for military service. This is arguably true or false, I don't know, and that's not my point. But this line caught my eye.
Really I just wanted to say that I think it's pretty freakin' weird to be talking about early childhood education, parenting guidance, mental and nutrition services, and so on as matters of national security.
He kind of hits on one of the main points I want to make on this blog. Education, parenting, and mental/nutrition services ARE issues of national security. When the state isn't able to provide access to these things, then it becomes a failed state.

I'm not suggesting that the US is a failed state, but I am wondering why things that are problems here are not seen, necessarily, as problems THERE. I just listened to a lecture by Nazif Shahrani that I stole from Ghosts of Alexander on the standard "How America screwed up the fight in Afghanistan" bit. Except it's not a standard bit. One of the things that he said that stuck out to me the most was that 9/11 was viewed as a military problem, not a justice problem, not an economic problem, not a cultural problem. Just a military one. I think the one thing that can be taken away from the War on Terror is that it is so much more (and so much less) than a War that "war" really isn't the most honest term.

Afghanistan is a failed state. Pakistan is getting there. Similar things could be said about Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, to varying degrees. None of these countries are able to supply the education and social services that their people need. This isn't a problem that can be solved by USMil or USAID, it needs a wholly different way of looking at the problem.

Shahrani hammers home that focusing on the locality is key when building up a state. He would, being an anthropologist and all, but I wholly agree with him, and am working on a post about this later. But the reason I link to BLDGBlog and DesignObserver is because I am genuinely curious to what results would come out of asking architecture and design students, "What would you do in order to build stability in Afghanistan?" I'm sure some wholly unique and entirely useful ideas could come out of that, ideas that political and military types wouldn't necessarily think of.

It's why Greg Mortenson represents an entirely different way of looking at the same issues that ISAF do. And of course, he's a bit pie-in-the-sky at times and the NGO industry is a whole other ball of wax to be dealt with (starting with their security constrictions, as I'm sure people in the field can talk about more than I), but it's at least different. And plus, he reads Registan.

If people are looking for unique, different, ideas on how to solve the problems ailing Central Asia, and Afghanistan in particular, they ought to look outside of what the military or political structures can offer. Good ideas have come out of those sectors, of course. But that doesn't mean that good ideas can't come out of anywhere else.

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