Saturday, November 28, 2009

There Will Be Noun.

Four-part entry, all from Al Jazeera English. They're my favorite mainstream newssource because they actually cover the fun parts of the world from Morocco to Indonesia. And, yeah, they have biases, but they're a lot more up front and honest about their biases than most folks, I think. Anyways, onto the fun.

There Will Be Blood:
According to the FSB, someone bombed a train between St. Petersburg and Moscow. They blame Kavkaz Ingushetians which, I mean, they would. But someone is going to get their teeth knocked in courtesy of OMON, and I just hope it isn't me. As a wise person (I think this one, but I'm not sure) once told me, "Thank whatever God you believe in every day that you were not born in Cechnya [or anywhere else in the North Caucasus]." No matter how pretty it may be.

There Will Be Khash:
AlJ also has a nice puff-piece on how wonderful Armenia-Turkey relations could be, and how awesome the AKP is, and all of that. Not newsworthy in the least (I've already written basically the same thing), but if this means there could be an Armenian restaurant to rival Kurdish Ciya Sofrasi in Istanbul by the time I move back, I'll be happy.

There Will Be a Reckoning:
Zardari's Amnesty expired in Pakistan. Zardari is the widower of everyone's favorite Anglophone, Benazir Bhutto, which makes this relavent to us stateside. But yeah, if the judiciary in Pakistan has recovered enough from the Lawyer's Uprising under Musharraf, this could be interesting. Pakistan is already going through lots of turmoil, so I'd imagine the US wants him to stay in power and to keep the status quo in queue. Let's see how the rule of law deals with that.

There Will Be Grandstanding:
Really Switzerland? Four mosques is four too many for your country? That's what the People's Party says (probable motto: not all the people, just the right ones), and yeah, it's probably just Al Jazeera getting upset over nothing. But meanwhile, how cool-looking is that Swiss Chalet style mosque in the picture? And what does Hakan Yakin think of "İsviçre'de hiç camiler yakında olmaz?"

Apologies for that probably not being gramatically correct, but on that note, happy Thanksgiving/Turkey day, Eid Bayrami Mubarak, and have a good weekend, y'all. As always, check out Registan for my big-boy posting.

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