Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Battle of the Semester is Over

The Battle of Finals have Begun.

And with any luck, it'll go over with a bang.

But in reality, hopefully I'll be posting a bit more since I'll be around a computer a bit more. The Old Gray Lady of Blogistan is already at the seams with my blather.

Anyways, I just got a bunch of books from the Wash U library, and have not yet been given a restraining order by Canfield, so all is well.

Hopefully I'll have some reviews up once I read them. I already read Azoy's Buzkashi: Game and Power in Afghanistan, but I'll just lead you over to Christian's report on it. I finished Selim Deringil's The Well-Protected Domains before then, but it's not really about Gaz nor Gazis. All the same, if you want to see how a state tries to cling onto legitimacy through non-martial means, it's an interesting read. You never forget that you're reading a Trotskyist's opinion of nationalism, but no matter: education and bureaucratization make a state just as much as a military does. That is one of my hammer-points of this blog.

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