Monday, December 7, 2009

I Scooped Steven Coll!

Steve Coll, Taliban expert extraordinaire, just found out about Leah Farrall's e-mail conversations with Abu Walid al-Masri.Unfortunately, he gets a little sexist and a little against standard tenets of academic research. Ms. Farrall writes 65 words to refute that better than I can.

Also unfortunately, I wrote about this over a month ago. And since he gets passive voice about his source, I'm going to operate under the assumption that he found this blog because of our 2-minute conversation last spring, and didn't cite me.

Que Triste, Que Triste. The internet is forever, and when you stumble over your words and say something regrettable, it's there to get made fun of. Mr. Coll is better than this, my guess is it was early and he was tired. He has done a lot of good work that shouldn't be dismissed because of that. Just another divide between grey journalism and blogs, I guess

1 comment:

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