Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tabsir, Giant Anthropomorphic Polar Bears, are face-meltingly awesome.

Not a developed thought to be found here, but still, more fun things on the internet.

Similarly, Tabsir, the always-readable website on "Islam and the Middle East" is a lot of fun. They have two great articles up right now that are worth checking out. One is a book review generally on the "Anthropology of Secularism" and is pretty dang fascinating:
What is anthropology for? “Applied” anthropology, as in the hiring of anthropologists by the American military to help with understanding Afghanistan, for example, seems to assume that understanding difference can provide a road to a renewed progressive politics. But anthropology is not just about translating other cultures. It is also about understanding what Asad calls “the modern secular condition we all inhabit.” The sameness is as important as the difference. Asad and Mahmood each show us a different sameness than the sameness of the secular liberal order. And it has a very long history.
The book being reviewed was partly written by this guy. And that guy's father is this guy. They both seem pretty cool.

The second is by a Jewish fella from New York entitled "How I Almost Became a Terrorist" and does all of that fun paradigm shifting you go to the internet to get.
My friends and I, loyal Americans from the Bronx, freedom fighters in defense of our people, would have been seen as enemy combatants, supporters of terrorism, maybe even as terrorists. Many Americans would have wondered, what motivated us to do such terrible things?
It's pretty short, pretty easy to read, and does a good job explaining why a lot of the way things are portrayed makes no damned sense at all.

So I'm in no mood to do actual expository work, but do some reading and have a good weekend. And yeah, those links at the right sidebar are as much for my readers as they are for me (I come to Gazistan every morning to read everything new on that sidebar). Those are the websites I love and which get me thinking, so hopefully they do the same for you.

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