Monday, February 15, 2010

Carpetblog is back!

My yearning heart-strings did not take long to get responded to. Carpetblogger is back up, seemingly in Texas. Her website is a lot cleaner and less goofy, though. Still, I'm incredibly pumped to see her back writing. As I've mentioned a bunch, she's really an inspiration to me, blogging-wise, and if she's reading this, she should know that its my full intention to buy her a coffee of appreciation at some point.

Also, I finally got around to finding Chris Herwig, who took amazing photos of Soviet Bus Stops in Central Asia. So check those pictures out, its some awesome stuff.

I should have somewhat of a gameplan - life division this time next week. Which is exciting. Keep reading me on Registan until then.

Anthony Perkins's son can take it from here.

1 comment:

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