Monday, February 1, 2010

Even Hipsters Can See a Bad Idea

I'm running around currently with school stuff, but with Danger Room linking to Registan and all, there's an outside chance my readership is going to increase or something. Cold War Kids will only be applicable for so much longer (and apologies for zagging in the opposite direction of Baloji).

  • Joshua Foust, co-conspirator #1 over at Registan, turned my head to this piece eviscerating 60 Minutes' little ditty on how super-cool American Special Forces are and how shady Afghan Special Forces are. Basically: random killings are alright, FOBs are awesome, and our imperialism is good for everyone involved (unless you're on the wrong side of a bullet). And he lashes out on the language issues and the Imam killing that happened recently. I'm not one to generally side with the Private Military Dudes, but ISAF has some major egg on their face. It basically looks like nobody knows what the hell is going on, from the outside. Yipes.

  • Oh, and some pissed-off interpreter killed two servicemen. And an airstrike killed four of "Our" Afghans. So, um, yeay ISAF-Afghan Relations!

So yeah, I'm really not a pessimist. I really want this whole War on Terror thing to work out for the US and the whole Peaceful Earth thing. But until then, I'm not sure things are going to magically fix themselves. I've been down on the "military solution only" thing for a while just because it seems that taking a military solution to a really complicated, multifarious, messy problem like Afghanistan (or any Central Asian Republic, for that matter) is just going to cause lots and lots of issues. So I'll keep on throwing links against the wall until then. Just know: I'm on your side. Really.

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