Monday, July 5, 2010

The Internet is on Our Side. We Will Bury You.

Josh Foust just posted an article by an ex-golfer (ha! I bet Mr. Daly's never heard that) on the Truth of what's going on in Kyrgyzstan.

I'm sure Josh can understand a bit of skepticism coming his way after all of the skepticism he's launched in the past. And as sure as I am that Daly's a great guy with great sources, I don't see the Neville Chamberlain comparison. No politician would be caught dead today with saying stuff about "far away people in a far away land."

Daly's upset that Maxim Bakiyev is filing for asylum in the UK, despite an Interpol warrant for his head. And yeah, this is sketchy. I fully believe that Maxim is an awful bit corrupt and a good bit sinister. But that's far, far, away from the ensuing character assassination:
Maxim subsequently met with Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan representatives in Dubai while Janysh brokered deals with Afghan Taliban and Tajik fighters, commenting: “The transfer of militants to the south of the republic was made on the eve of the June events from Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province via Tajikistan’s Khorog and Murghab districts. Cooperation in transferring [militants] was made by a former Tajik opposition commander and drug baron, whose contact was Janysh Bakiyev.”
If you're going to bring up the IMU bogeyman, you ought to prove that they, y'know, exist first. Because just saying stuff like "Oh yeah they met with these bad dudes in Dubai" doesn't prove anything. And the tape that...
purportedly details Maxim Bakiyev and President Bakiyev’s brother, Janysh, who still remains at large in southern Kyrgyzstan, discussing plans to arm groups to spread chaos across the south of Kyrgyzstan in June, seeking 500 “bastards” to foment unrest.
"Purportedly" is an awful big term. Much like Schwartz (and every other sane purviewer of events, I should mention), I'd rather see a lot more evidence than a videotape and a dude with an axe to grind before I send the Lawyin' Lynch Mob over to Maxim's pad in London.

And even more amusingly...are we seriously expecting the legal system to run its course and bring up a result that the Crusaders for Good and Justice in Kyrgyzstan will like? It's not that I'm NOT a CGJK, but I highly doubt that Maxim or Janysh are going to see the inside of a jail cell. At this point, its just a matter of whether they take refuge in the UK, in the US, or somewhere else. Just as long as it isn't Kyrgyzstan - or, in the interest of regional security, anywhere else where they understand Russian.

The kind of firepower that Maxim is hiring, legal-wise, is going to overwhelm any umbrage that Daly tries to use. Especially if he doesn't have any stronger facts then what is published there. I'm not going to pretend I have a better idea of what happened in Kyrgyzstan then Daly or really any of the fine people at Registan (which is why I haven't written anything there in a while), but I'd like to see answers before accusations. Even if accusations are part of the process as some may see fit, I don't think that'll help Kyrgyzstan one bit if it looks like the playpen of kleptocrats. These grenades of accusations don't do anything positive.


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