Sunday, July 18, 2010

You, too, can live in the future at Santralistanbul!

There are few things in life worth taking a boat to a boat to a cemetery, then getting a private boat at that cemetery to get to. Fortunately, Santralistanbul is one of those things.

Equal parts energy museum, exhibition space, and steampunk throneroom, Santral is the old Ottoman Power Plant from the 1910's that got used until the 50s or so. They just recently - a decade or so, I think - turned it into what it is today, without changing too much. It has all of the gee-whiz technology stuff of the Museum of Science and Industry. All of the unabashed coolness of the StL City Museum. But with the addition of the "need to know" basis of esoteric transportation, being part of the campus of a Design School of Bilgi University, and having a couple really hip bars right there, its even better.

Sacrilege to my brothers and sisters in the 314, I'm sure. But Santralistanbul is the coolest tech/futurist museum I've been to. I haven't even mentioned the Magical Musical Box or Whatever. Which won't load because computers frighten me.

That said, they're really missing something here, in my mind. There could've been something fantastic with future energy...hydrogen, rare earths, hydropower, etc. I hope they expand into that. Watch this space...if they can turn this Santralistanbul into 21st Century Istanbul that keeps on getting talked up in some circles, it could be (even more) fantastic.


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