Monday, October 18, 2010

The Blog Roundup where we all stand in awe of the power of facial hair

It wasn't that long ago that I was writing about the meaning of the moustache in Turkish history. Today we leave Turkey and discuss the far more important category of facial hair: the beard.

This is all inspired by a discussion I've had with the hirsute yet well-coiffed friend of mine who told me of my need to grow out my beard. "A man is only a man once he has a beard," says the friend, "and the belly? Well, you can't have a beard without having a belly below it."

Inspiring stuff. Made only more so by my discovery of the greatest picture I've ever found of the Black Keys. Ohio? Retro typography? An out-of-place Masjid? Dan Auerbach's beard? Check x 4:

The fun only continues when another friend of mine found an out-of place flag at the Istanbul Marathon. As she was walking across the bridge she found a flag that she couldn't recognize. Red-and-white stripes on the bottom on a green field, complete with a Takbir. I had a hunch it was Caucasian, and what do you know, it's the flag of the Islamic Emirate: Caucasus Edition.
This is important, of course, because man, flag of the Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus? In Istanbul? Too cool, too cool. Doesn't get much more obscure in a militarist sense than that. Unless there are some Free Aceh folks running around. And of course, you can't mention the Caucasus without mentioning the beards. Even though I just discovered that Chechnya has (at least of Feb. 2009) an Ethnographic Museum. Complete with the Chechen version of a Civil War Reenactor:
And finally, and really, what you're all waiting for...a pictoral history of the sociology of beards in Iran. The pictures are all interesting, but I found this one particularly beautiful. It's like the Fairey "HOPE" poster of the Islamic Republic:
I don't care about the politics one way or another, its a beautiful piece of art.

There is also a link in that above piece on an ancient book of Pogonologia which, I mean, YEAH.

So I've long since disposed with the narrative of this blog, as it now just contains everything not-Turkey-enough for Istanbul Alti. But beard posts in time for OPERATION WINTERFACE should be good enough.

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