Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Blog Roundup Where Wikileaks and Good Writing Provide Entertainment

I am welcoming myself back to the internet after a couple of vacations. One traipsing through Central Turkey and the other through Ohio. The former involved lots of desserts, the second involved terrible movies and lots of deserts. But now I'm back to far milder and far more interesting climes.

That said, I'm just into getting back into things and catching up. But I'll start with this pretty awesome bit from Slate on a Baghdad Holiday. It gets to the point of what it means to be conflicted about Iraq. Even people who really really care, who are really really focused on the country, have no clue what to do. I'm not as focused; my attention lies eastward, as you may have gathered from this blog. I generally leave Iraq to the people who really get what's going on there in a way that I don't. That said, this is more about life and political belief and imperialism than it is about Iraq itself. Worth a read.

And then there's Wikileaks. Probably the most interesting story going on right now, and I'm just getting caught up and have no clue what to say about it. Yet. There's plenty of voice for or against what the Assange-ites are doing, and plenty of good and bad things to say about it. That said, my take at the moment is that there are just all of these fantastic hidden narratives that have come out of it. So many little stories that could be entire full-length features. I wish I had any hand in fiction so I could steal them. My two favorites:
There's plenty of other stories, including the gradual and inevitable truth that there are invented Islamicists and Terrorists "running" around Central Asia. I fully expect NewEurasia to be on top of that as time goes on.

So yeah, it's a great story that's only going to get better. I'll have more to say on it when there's more to say on it.

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