Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When all you have is a hammer

Trite sayings aside, Joshua Foust cleared up why, no, military solutions to everything under the sun do not actually make sense.

In the realm of the military, he did everything right, including seeking local confirmation of where to hand out reconstruction money. But the realm of the military is wrong—it is structured wrong, and it provides the wrong incentives. 

I remember listening to a talk given by Dr. Nazif Shahrani back in the day about the numerous different solutions that are possible to deal with Afghanistan. And instead there's a lot of "ARP! Kill Terrorists! ARP!" Which sounds great, it really does, but it doesn't always match up with reality.

Not much more because Mubarak's about to speak. But hey. There's this. And remember: if al-Ikhwan has a place in the new Egyptian government EVERYONE STAY CALM

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