Friday, July 15, 2011

The Land Under Their Feet...Amen!

The story of the protection of religious minorities in Georgia is quickly turning into my favorite of the summer. Giorgi Lomsadze is doing great work and is keeping me, personally, highly entertained. And it just keeps getting better.

Not only does Georgia have the Caucasus' highest rate of Facebook penetration (which is not surprising) but the head of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Bartolme Pirtskhalashvili, is one of the most popular people on it. And how is he spending his time on Facebook? By cursing - literally - the lawmakers who are protecting minorities.
May the head on their shoulders be damned, the shoulders above their chest, the chest above their waist, the waist above their thighs, the thighs above their knees, the knees above their shins, the shins above their feet, the land under their feet … Amen!
I love the idea of curse-via-internet. A curse is only as good as its audience, and Facebook gives one as good an audience as any. I'm not sure I would curse Georgian soil, myself, but that doesn't seem to stop Father Pirtskhalashvili now, does it?

It's all very American, I think. Like just because Sakashvili is so American, everyone else in Georgia is following his lead. I'm, um, not sure I'd use the US as my role model if I was a Caucasian country, but I'm not, so I won't.

As much as the Orthodox Church is a bastion of Georgian life, it seems odd to have it be such a politicized thing. But I guess that acknowledging minorities is a bit of de-religifying Georgian culture, so the Georgian Patriarch has to come out against it, in some sort of Kabuki theatre. But to curse Georgian soil? Really?

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