Thursday, July 28, 2011

US anti-terror establishment just straight making things up at this point.

Kucera noted how Kazakhs and Turkmen are among those given special, anti-terror, screening if they run into immigration troubles. Meanwhile, Kazakhs say that its Kavkatsii people coming into West Kazakhstan, not Kazakhs themselves, causing problems. IWPR also has a very neat interview on how the Kazakh government is trying to clamp down on terrorism; basically just persecute and prosecute anyone who doesn't follow state-sanctioned religious bodies.

Besides the sketchiness of treating Hizb-ut Tahrir as a terrorist organization, Kazakhstan treats the prospect of terror just as I'd expect: lots of distrust and random jailings, but no outright violence. I'm not sure what American-sponsored WARNING SIRENS are really hoping to do.

I'm really lazy and really have other, more pertinent things to worry about. But the problem of "Islam-related terrorism in the CIS" tends to all boil down to "Chechnya be real messed up and have some serious funding behind its insurgency." But that's not as much fun as nefarious global networks and 5th columns and all of that stuff. 

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