Sunday, July 10, 2011

Well, at least Georgia makes me happy. Sure ain't making the Azeris grin.

I literally just wrote about the hilarity of Georgia giving kinda/sorta anyone who wants it Most Favored Religion status. The Caucasus Muslim Board, "a body set up in 1937 with semi-official links to the Azerbaijani government, has operated an office in Tbilisi, ostensibly to advocate the interests of Muslims in Georgia." doesn't really agree with me.

The EurasiaNet story goes into detail, but basically these folks think that THEY are the true arbiters how Muslim life in Georgia, but the new committee created by the Georgian government, for the Georgian government, will likely usurp at least a bit of their power.

I'd consider coming out pro-Caucasus Muslim Board, if for nothing else than because its chair is named Allahshukur Pashazade, which is a pretty danged fantastic name. But I don't see how giving Georgian Muslims their own avenue for intra-state issues is going to do too much damage to the Ummah. Sure, it'll probably knock the Caucasus Muslim Board down a peg, and political organizations exist to justify themselves politically and that's why they're upset. But you'd think that the Board has enough issues on their plate. If Georgia thinks that they need to shake up their religious structure, it'll probably be worse for the incumbent religious organizations than said organizations' adherents. 

I'm pretty sure the whole thing is ado about nothing, but it at least is worth getting looked at a little bit closer. It's good to know that PACs work in Tblisi like they do in Washington: for themselves, not each other.

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  1. Personally, I'm just relishing the hurt feelings of the Patriarchate.