Thursday, May 17, 2012

Islamic Theology: In Etsy Form

I'll be updating this blog and Scribd with all of the papers I've written in the past semester. None of them are particularly well-written, but there is enough good information out there that I feel ought to be shared.

One of the courses I took was Islamic Theology. It was lots and lots of things I did not know. Now it is just lots of things I am unsure if I know or not. I'll be posting about the paper I wrote later on. It was on Islamic Liberation Theology. There's lots of cool stuff there.

I also made a chart of the first few centuries of Islamic Theology. I did not have the time or patience to make one as an Illustrator or Prezi file, so instead I did it the old fashioned way. This means the sole copy of it is already turned in to the professor. But at least there's pictures!




So, you know, there's that.