Monday, November 5, 2012

Still writing, but more about sports

I admittedly feel a bit strange about making a big deal of writing about sports. Because on one hand sports are pointless and stupid, and on the other hand points are pointless and stupid. I'm not trying to make salient points, I'm just, y'know, chattin' about the big game and all. But since sports are meaningless, I get to try things out and see how receptive people are to it. Because sports are meaningless, people will respond and tell me if I'm an idiot. So there's a lot of plusses to wasting everyone's goshdang time.

I may be writing about sports more in the future, if things go to plan. There's a lot to be written and I may be the fella to write it. One of my many criticisms of sports coverage is how it is used to delineate white male conformity. That ol' article about Bryce Harper, Conservative Hero is probably the best example of how sportswriting commands a lot of people who don't read much else how to think and feel. It's all pretty gross, and it is kind of fun to be on the other side of it.

So since people like Grantland and ESPN (which: same thing!) are terrified to write about foreigners playing sports in ways that aren't demeaning, childish, and just plain wrong, I've taken it upon myself to do pretty much that. I got to write about Turkey for The Classical. They are real rad folks: led by David Roth the writer and lots of other great folks, they do post-punk sports journalism and seem to be genuinely having fun destroying narratives and writing about how much fun sports are. I particularly enjoyed writing this, because I got to take Rick Reilly, one of the all-time sniveling conniving white pride jackasses at ESPN (which is really saying something) to task. He wrote about how gosh-darn scary Turkey is, so I get to write about how gosh-darn awesome Turkey is.

So if you're interested in basketball or minority life in Turkey or just me, check out the article. Sorry this isn't well-written, for I have lots of other writing to do tonight.